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 Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions + Answers Empty
PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions + Answers   Frequently Asked Questions + Answers EmptyTue Apr 10, 2012 10:06 pm

These questions are ones that I've thought up. If more questions are asked in this forum, I'll add them to this thread. Thank you.

Profile Related Questions

Q: How do I change my user name?

A: Click on 'Profile' at the top of the page, next to 'Messages' and 'Usergroups.' What pops up should be your personal information. The first thing you see is Username:* with your username entered there in the box. If you click the box and delete its contents, you can remake your username however you want. Simple as that.

Q: What do these questions mean?!

A: Gender: Are you a boy, or a girl? Birthday: The day of your birth.... Location: The location where you are at the moment. You can put whatever you want here. And Job/Hobbies: What's your job/what are you into doing? Humor: I don't know what this means myself, I just put something random. c;

Q: How do I change my avatar? What about my signature?

A: Go to 'Profile' at the top of the screen. At the top right of this screen, click 'signature' or 'avatar.' For signature, just type in whatever you want your signature to be, then click Save. You may preview your signature as well, so that if you added coding, you may see if it works before submitting it. Avatar-wise, you may either choose a file that is already saved on your computer, copy and paste the URL of another picture, or choose one the pre-submitted avatars.

Q: Why won't my signature pop up?!

A: Under your Profile, go to Preferences. Set them however you like, but make sure that the option "Always attach my signature" is checked to "yes." This will make sure that your siggie always pops up, though you have the option to uncheck it on each post before you submit your message.

Q: How do I get to my Favorites?

A: The Favorites option is under your Profile, at the top right of the screen.

Q: How can I add a topic to my Favorites list?

A: At the very top right of each topic, there is a button labeled "Actions." Click this, then click "Add to my favorites." It will be there when you next check.

Other Questions

Q: Why do I keep getting emails from this site?

A: It informs you every time a post is made on a topic. Annoying, I know. Just go to 'Preferences' under your Profile, and check No under "Notify me by e-mail if someone reports a post." Then go to "Topic(s) Being Watched" click "Mark all" at the bottom, then click "Stop watching the selected topics."

Q: I can't get the coding to

A: All of the coding here uses equal signs instead of colons. So instead of color:purple you would put color=purple. You may also change font, color, size, and make the text move around, if you like.

Q: How can I tell who's on?

A: On the main page, scroll down to "Who Is Online?" and all users (plus guests and bots that are researching) that are currently on will be posted there. "Online" or "offline" is also noted below each person's post, as well.

Q: What do if I do if I get banned? I want to be on this cool site! (Heh)

A: Although unlikely, email me if you get banned or suspended with a reason why you think you should be unbanned. If it's something rude like "Yu stoopid beeyotch unban me" I am obviously not going to grant you access. Send a nice email, and I might let you back on. (:

Q: What's that Usergroups button up there? What does it do?

A: Usergroups shows all groups in the forum, and the members in them.

Q: I want to be in one of those groups!

A: Apply to one, and we'll see. I may just add you to one by default. (:

Q: Am I allowed to make a group?

A: Message me first in my private inbox on here; tell me why you want to make the group, what it'll be called, and what purpose it will serve. Then I will either grant you permission or say no.

Thanks for reading the FAQs! I know it's kinda long, and will be growing frequently as questions are asked. Feel free to comment and suggest questions. Thanks~



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Frequently Asked Questions + Answers
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