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 Rule Number 8 - - Finishing Roleplays

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Rule Number 8 - - Finishing Roleplays  Empty
PostSubject: Rule Number 8 - - Finishing Roleplays    Rule Number 8 - - Finishing Roleplays  EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 11:41 pm

It has come to our notice that there has been a lot of role-play making lately. This is fantastic, because it means we are expanding our horizons as far as roleplay ideas go. However, the drawback to this is that although we have fantastic ideas, the topics get posted and never finished. This is an issue.

In the rules, Number 8 says:
Quote :
8.) Complete roleplays. If you're going to make a roleplay, finish it. Don't just leave it there with a few words or banner on it for months. It's spam if you don't finish, and I reserve all rights to delete them. If you have an idea for a roleplay and want to roleplay it right away, just make a temporary thread. It doesn't even have to require forms or be descriptive with detail. But don't make a thread and never finish it.

Unfortunately, this has been coming up much too often nowadays. Although we are excited that everyone is having great roleplay ideas, we don't want the forum spammed up with unfinished threads that are never used for their real purpose: role play. And that is purely because the creator never took the time to complete it.

Because of this issue, we are going to make an amendment to the rules, and intensify the meaning of rule number eight.

From now on, if you create a roleplay, you will have two weeks to complete it.

If it is not finished within that two week time span, either myself or Sara will move the thread into the Graveyard forum, and you must come to us to discuss retrieving it.

We understand that we're all rather busy people, but if you can't take the time out of your daily life to finish the roleplay, then don't make it at all. All this does is create unnecessary spam and take up room, which can get you into an entirely different kind of trouble.

Therefore, starting today, all unfinished threads will have two weeks to get completed. If they are not, then they will automatically get moved into the Graveyard forum until further notice.

Thank you.

-- Sara's Forum Staff


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Rule Number 8 - - Finishing Roleplays
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