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 Rules of the Forums.

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Rules of the Forums. Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Forums.   Rules of the Forums. EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 1:21 am

[General Rules]

1.) [Be considerate.]

This means, basically, don't be rude. If there's a new member and they ask for help, don't yell at them! Politely help them out. Don't bully anybody, and definitely don't yell at people. If there's a problem, solve your differences kindly. If needed, ask a mod/admin for help, or report the post.

2.) [No attacking people.]

PLEASE don't harass, bully, flame, bash, slander people racially or religiously, and don't provoke people! Don't start religious discussions, as they may offend some people.

3.) [Keep all content PG-13.]

Detail is nice, but sometimes it can get a little gross and excessive. Honestly. When roleplaying romance, be sure not to go too far with the detail and description and stuff. If needed, you may continue over PM or something or 'skip' to a later time. Same with battle scenes; we don't need to know exactly how the guy was cleaved in half. That's too much, and you can be reported for it. So don't do it.

4.) [If you have any problems, ask.]

I(the Admin)or one of the moderators will gladly try to help you out. (:

5.) [You may not copy someone else's ideas, roleplay, characters, etc.]

Whether it be rules, the intro, or anything from their page, it is NOT permitted. If I see you doing this, I will take it out of your roleplay, inform the person, then probably suspend you. Is it really worth it? This includes general ideas, characters, pictures/art, roleplay content such as rules, layouts, etc.

6.) [Please post on the Introductory Forum before posting anywhere else.]

It gives us a chance to get to know you, and tells me that you actually joined! If I don't see a post there, I probably won't know you joined until later on.

7.) [Try not to make too many of one roleplay.]

This means, if there's already a roleplay on a subject, and it's not dead, don't make another roleplay on that subject. It just spams up the forum.

8.) [Complete roleplays.]

If you're going to make a roleplay, finish it. Don't just leave it there with a few words or banner on it for months. It's spam if you don't finish, and I reserve all rights to delete them. If you have an idea for a roleplay and want to roleplay it right away, just make a temporary thread. It doesn't even have to require forms or be descriptive with detail. But don't make a thread and never finish it.

Note: if a roleplay is not finished for two(2) weeks, it will be moved to the graveyard forum. Please private message one of the admins about moving it back.

9.) [Multiple accounts are not allowed.]

Keep in mind that I can see IP addresses, so if two people post from the same IP, I'll know it's you. When another account is created, it's usually to avoid a ban/suspension or to troll people, which violates the 'considerate' rule. If I find you with another account after being suspended or banned, I will not hesitate to ban that account as well and IP-ban you. If another account is created to troll/be rude to people 'without consequences,' I will suspend/ban both accounts and possibly IP ban, depending on how bad the violation was. Keep this in mind.

10.) [Have fun c:]

Please, try to have fun! This place is a place to relax, wind down, and chat with friends. It shouldn't be stress-filled, and a hassle to come here. So please, have fun, and make sure you don't hinder anybody else's ability to have fun or enjoy themselves while on this forum.

[Roleplaying Rules]

1.) [Absolutely no drama OOC(out of character)is permitted.]

Drama out of character will not be tolerated. Fights will result in the topic being moved to the graveyard forum, and possibly a couple of suspensions. This also infringes upon rule number 10 of the general rules.

2.) [Godmodding, Powerplaying, Spotlighting, etc.]

No one has a perfect character. Your character isn't going to be absolutely beautiful in every way, or have a million boyfriends, etc. Mary Sues aren't permitted, and if I or another staff member see it happening, we'll inform you about it so you can change.

Godmodding is when you take control of another person's character. Yes, it's fine to say that your character attempted to hit another character. But unless you spoke with the other member, you can't take control and force the attack to hit the character. This is godmodding, and it will not be tolerated.

Powerplaying is a form of Godmodding, but occasionally it gets so bad that it needs its own name. This involves making your character the strongest; they're never defeated, attacks never hit them but their attacks hit you, they're absolutely perfect, etc. If I see this happening, I won't hesitate to edit your post and tell you about it.

Spotlighting is when one or two characters are the main attention of the roleplay. If it's part of the plot, fine, but make sure other users aren't left out and involve them somehow! If I see major spotlighting going on with others that have no idea what to do, the spotlighters will be punished accordingly.

3.) ['Skip Button']

The 'skip button' is used in situations that may include excessive sexual content. Describing this is fine, up until a certain point. When things start to get a little out of hand, 'skip' is used to skip to a point in time where this isn't happening, such as a couple hours later. 'Skip' may also be used when in battle scenes, when fighting is getting more intense and isn't necessary to roleplay. It can be used to skip over dull scenes that don't need to be roleplayed as well.

Note: Private threads are allowed. Somewhere in the first post, explain that it is only for a couple of people. If someone really wants to join, and you would rather they didn't, explain to them (POLITELY) that the thread is private and involves certain people for a reason. Elaborate on the reason. Private threads are permitted because we haven't gotten out of hand with them. If I see people purposely shutting other people out, being rude, or simply going overboard with private threads, I will warn/suspend the offenders and move the thread to the graveyard forum.

That's all for now, but keep in mind that I will probably add/change things frequently.
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Rules of the Forums.
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